Pleasant Forest Shores cottages - South Chatham MA / Cape Cod

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom cottages & efficiency apartment - Weekly rentals

Things to know:

  • All rentals are from Friday at 5 PM to Friday at 10 AM 
  • To keep cottages/grounds in better shape: NO SMOKING and NO pets!  A pet exception may be made for a bird/hamster  Smilie but NO smoking by overnight tenants anywhere on property! So if you or members of your party smoke, don't rent here, ok? Temporary visitors/guests must not smoke within 25 ft of units and which is typically where main driveway is.
  • You must bring your own linens (sheets, towels, etc)...Blankets and pillows are provided...but many bring their favorite pillow(s)...Also, there are no king or queen beds since they didn't exist in 1950's, and movement in bedrooms would be quite cramped with them!
  • All cottages have gas wall heaters for those cool nights...(the Apartment has an electric space heater) 
  • Since these units do NOT have A/C, bring a fan if you think the breeze won't be enough to stay cool, but please don't run them 24/7. In last few years, between mid-July and mid-August, there has been a few humid days that need a fan for sure! It never used to be that way, so not sure why now...
  • Kitchens have gas stoves, refrigerators, cookware, dishes and utensils so just bring the food and drink! And your coffee maker...if you don't wish to percolate it on the stove! But just remember, outlets are not everywhere as people in 1950's didn't have all those gadgets! That's partly why no microwave ovens are available due to the limited counterspace for them in most units.
  • You need to supply most consumables, such as and not limited to: toilet paper, paper towels, soap, cooking oils, spices, etc. A single standard roll of toilet paper is provided for use on arrival if prior tenant didn't leave a similar quantity. Some dishwashing liquid is also left in cottage but most bring their own brand/fragrance preference. A box of small matches for lighting stovetops is also provided and more are available, if needed. At end of stay, PLEASE take any leftover consumables that you provided with you!!
  • Need something that's not in the cottage? Just ask me and there may one for you to borrow! Items such as a coffeemaker, radio, small box fan, flat iron, specialty pot for pasta, other kitchen utensils, etc...there are many items that due to usage infrequency aren't kept in each unit but can be loaned to you as needed, ok? Some of these items were left by other tenants and quantities may be limited but if I've got it, you're welcome to use it!
  • There are no TV's, but you may bring a small one if you have to!   Reception used to be only one channel on a good weather day, but now with DTV and since stations are over 80+ miles away, you will likely get NO reception!  Thus, portable TV-DVD/VCR combos are good for movies and take less room to pack.
  • A small hibachi and a tabletop BBQ grill are normally available for use on shared basis. Just get charcoal and clean it when done.
  • Access to owner's landline phone is available to make emergency/calling card/local calls, if your cell phone quits or you're still not that modern! 
  • Owner's internet may be accessed via wi-fi upon request. See me for details on how to access. Ethernet connection at office can be arranged if needed. Sorry but there's sometimes not enough bandwidth for streaming video as emails, social media, maps, visitor info, etc. are the intended use.
  • All units have vacuums, broom, mops, brushes, etc...If you MUST have "brand-X cleaner", bring or buy it.
  • In 2008, a $800+ play set (Click Odyssey for picture of this model by Adventure Playsets) with 3 swings, slide, fort and such
    was installed in the open area behind cottage #2. Unfortunately some parts have been damaged by weather over years.

    Use of this is at tenant's risk and is restricted to those under age 13, due to vendor's weight limitations.
  • If you want to place to relax and enjoy the quiet woods, stay here...If you want a place to party wildly, please look elsewhere, ok?

  • For details about how to make a reservation, deposits, balances, mailing address, etc., please see Rental Policies page.

Comments from customers:

Described by a customer who is an architect as "Clearly having a Scandinavian flair to them. The workmanship and
   wood detailing is traditional with a hint of New England vernacular."
, other customers have said....

  • "Beautiful cottages, a wonderful location, and a great value--enjoyed by four generations of our family. Thanks!"
               Janet K. from Yorktown NY
  • "The week we spent was like going back in time. Quiet, relaxing atmosphere, away from the hectic hustle and bustle
       of our daily business has helped us regain our energy"

               Viktor S. from Bedford NY
  • "We've certainly enjoyed our repetitive stays in cottage #1 over the years. The location is convenient and the prices are good."
               Richard L. from Clifton Park NY
  • "When pulling to the cottages I felt as if I was home. The cottage was spotless and the atmosphere was comfortable as if
       I belonged there. I could not have asked for a better place to stay"

               Linda C. from Ansonia CT (New customer in 2007)
  • "Our first experience (hopefully not our last) was wonderful. The setting is so peaceful. Where else could we experience
       eating breakfast on the screened in porch and see a red fox prance by, a quick walk to the beach, or drive a few miles to
       watch Chatham A's play baseball against other teams in the Cape Cod summer league? Great vacation and the price was right!"

               Patty L. from Covina CA (New customer in 2007)
  • "Pleasant Forest Shores is a great place to get away from the craziness of life. Very laid back place and you can walk
       to 2 beaches in just a few minutes. Cottages are very clean and comfy. We have been staying at PFS for a few years,
       always looking forward to our time there. Hope you check it out, you won't be sorry!"

               Gerry F. from Endicott NY (New customer in 2008)
  • "My family stayed a week in Pleasant Forest Shores in the summer. It is nice experience to stay in Swedish style cottage
       with well maintained original detail. There are everything you need and nothing you don't. I'm eager to come back next summer."

               Kyung Z. from New York NY (New customer in 2012)
See more recent reviews/references from new customers on my Airbnb Review and Airbnb References pages.

Rate history / Status / Changes / Etc.:

2006 : The cottages were connected to town water and were upgraded to new septic systems, so there were some changes to the natural environment, but they were kept as minimal as possible.  This resulted in a $20 increase from the 2004/2005 rates due to costs for town water, plus gas and electric which went up significantly.

2007 : The cost impact of upgraded utilities caused an additional $25 increase per week ($20 for the Apartment) and these rates remained unchanged in 2008 to avoid consecutive yearly price changes.

2009 : The pricing was changed very minimally due to utility/expense cost increases since 2007, and was a maximum of $15 base increase.  Also, note that prices were unchanged in 2010 and 2011 due to the economy.

2011 : Laiza's cleaning fees increased by a small amount ($10 or less) after staying same for three years.  Parking and excess tenant penalty policies were published here to document existing verbal policies.

2012 : Base rates were increased by $10-$15-$20 for 1-2-3 bedrm units respectively only because of a significant increase in property insurance and other overhead costs.
           Effective 06/29/12, a new late check-out fee MAY apply if you've not vacated unit by 11 a.m. on the day the rental ends. See Rental Policies page for details.

2013 : Owner is still having major vision issues related to multiple eye surgeries in 2008-2010, so some things may not be quite as they should be or were before 2008.  This has also has the usage of a designated cleaning service (Laiza's) at checkout to become mandatory in almost all cases.  Fees for 2013 vary from $42-$65 depending on unit which is a highly discounted rate from the normal $100-$125 average in this area.    Rates and fees remained unchanged from 2012.

2014 : Base rates were bumped up by $10-$15-$20 for 1-2-3 bedrm units respectively due to increases in fees, taxes, utilities and other overhead costs after being unchanged in 2013.   Laiza's cleaning fees for cottages increased by $5-$10 after being stable for three years.  Note that increases usually occur every other year or less and only when expenses require it unlike some places.

2015 : Base rates were again raised by $10-$15-$20 for 1-2-3 bedrm units due to cost increases in utilities and other overhead costs. This change was planned for 2016 but unfortunately additional funds were needed in 2015.

2016 : Base rates were bumped up by $20 for all units for NEW customers after 2015.    Laiza's cleaning fees for multi-bedroom cottages increased by $5 after being stable for two years.

2019 : Laiza's cleaning fees increased by a small amount ($10 for 2-bedrm; $5 for Apt) after staying same for three years.
           On 12/28/18, a MA STR (Short-Term Rental) tax law totaling 12.45% (for Chatham) was passed.

2020 : Laiza'a cleaning fees increased by $15 for cottages and $10 for Apartment.
           Her rates had not changed since 2016 for #1 & #3. This rate adjustment is related to increased cost of labor and supplies.

2023 : Base rates were bumped up by $10-$15-$20 for 1-2-3 bedrm units after being UNCHANGED since 2016!   Was due to increases in insurance, taxes, utilities and other costs.
        Also, on 01/01/23, the MA STR (Short-Term Rental) tax was increased by 2% to 14.45% by Chatham.