Pleasant Forest Shores cottages - South Chatham MA / Cape Cod

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom cottages & efficiency apartment - Weekly rentals

The view down the driveway just past entrance...






     Showing the original one bedroom cottage (#1) built by my parents, Conrad & Ruth, in the early 1950's.







Cottage #2 Living room



This photo from fall 2009 shows the 'new' sofa that was installed at that time.




See all the photos of this cottage, Cottages #1, #3, #4, the Apartment and an overview on Unit Photo Albums page....






Swedish wall plaque from Cottage #1 dated 1952...

The translation of the plaque is:

       Sun shines even on a little cottage     and in that cottage will I live with you

Your host has been involved for decades!

Working with my Dad, Conrad, to build the Apartment!