Pleasant Forest Shores cottages - South Chatham MA / Cape Cod

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom cottages & efficiency apartment - Weekly rentals

Want a one, two or three bedroom Cape Cod cottage rental (in Chatham) that is still easily affordable?
Can you live just a bit simpler for a week or more to do so? Then this may be the place for YOU!
It's classic Swedish ''Stuga'' country charm, but budget priced, leaving you money for eating out and fun!
And that's as important than old-fashioned pricing is the standard here!

See the Pricing page for complete 2024 rate details.
(Base rates were bumped by $10-$15-$20 in 2023, the first increase since 2016!)

2024 Availability table (Last updated on Jun 9, 2024) :
Unit Size / Max ON-Season OFF-Season
Cottage #1 1 bedrm [3 ppl]                   Sep 20 - Oct 13+
Cottage #2 2 bedrm [4 ppl]                   * Closed *  
Cottage #3 3 bedrm [6 ppl]                   * Closed *  
Cottage #4 2 bedrm [4 ppl]                   * Closed *  
Apartment 1 bedrm [2 ppl]             Aug 23 - Aug 30 Sep 06 - Sep 13

Please contact me to get current status as above table may not reflect recent changes.
You can also see which weeks MAY be open via links from my Airbnb profile page.

As of Jun 09 : The week of Aug 23-30 in The Apt is still open!
It's the last remaining possible availability in the ON season!

Unfortunately, from Jun 28 - Aug 23, there are NO openings in any cottage
unless a cancellation would occur which is highly unusual.

The entrance to the property....
Pix of PFS entranceMy parents, Conrad & Ruth Hallgren, built five of six cottages in colony in the early 1950's. They built the last unit (Owner's plus Apartment) in the late 1950's. After Conrad's passing in 1964, Ruth managed them until her death on June 1st of 2002. It is one of the few colonies that remains in the same family for a second generation.



Yes, believe it or not, painting/rebuilding the fence still remains on the "to do" list! It's been that way for a number of years, and after part of fence was broken when new septic systems were installed, one lantern is now also "off-line". However, the cottages have all been painted since the fence was, and a large number of windows have been totally overhauled in last decade, plus a number of other repairs/enhancements were made in last decade (like new water heaters in most units) so the fence constantly stays at bottom of fix-it list. Besides, which is more critical? Most agree the cottages are! This photo taken in Sept 2002.


Stay'll want to return for decades as some customers have done before and still do! Two customers are now on their FOURTH generation since the 70's! Two other customers are now THIRD generation! Here are the reasons why:
  • The cottages are located on a quiet street in a maintained natural scrub pine and oak setting of about 2 acres with less than 5 min walk to two town beaches...
  • They are generously spaced for privacy with average of 50 feet between units and average 30 feet from driveway...
  • Units are very spacious compared to other colonies in the area...about 550 sq ft (approx 28' x 20') for two bedroom unit not including the screened porches averaging 90 sq ft...Three bedroom units are around 1000 sq ft average...see Unit Info page for details)
  • The cottages are unique in the style and quality of construction...based on Swedish "Stuga" design...Conrad, who built them, was a professional cabinet maker so woodworking details are superb...Ruth, who helped build, but also painted, wall-papered and furnished them, made sure each one has a custom look...all rooms have a unique look and feel! The Swedish provinces were used to name each unit as shown below but they are referenced by number by tenants and owner now.
  • They are furnished in the style of the 1950-60's but many units have had most/all new bedding and/or refrigerators and/or carpets installed since 2002... 
  • They are kept in as clean condition as possible...thanks to the non-smoking tenants who respect the work of my parents...and is part of reason for the low rates...and I attempt, as best I can given my visual handicap, to completely check most all critical aspects at turnover time...This is part of why check in time is later here.
    Starting in 2008, and strictly due to owner's vision status, the use of a designated cleaning service (Laiza's) became mandatory in almost all cases. See Rental Policies for details. However, the extra cost to a tenant may be negotiated on an individual basis in some rare cases. Cleaning fees are paid directly to Laiza Oliveira due to the MA STR tax.
  • But most of all, due to unique pricing structure, it's very affordable! They are still averaging about 30-40% less than what my parents ORIGINAL rates from the 1950's would be after adjusting to 2024 dollars using CPI tables. The maximum weekly rent (for available units and based on 6 adults) for 2024 is only $868!  Not like other high-priced but lower-quality ones!  My mother believed in making it possible for everyone to enjoy a vacation, and I am trying to continue the tradition.  Units are priced based on two people (BASE RATE) with additional adults/children at a low ($6 or less) daily rate.  This allows a couple to rent a larger unit, have guests for a night or two, and yet keep costs to a minimum.

Summary of units by number/name:
                                        Rates are for ON-Season  and  OFF-Season using BASE rate (2 ppl) and full unit capacity respectively.

Pix of cottage #1 - Click for album #1 (Blekinge) = One bedroom cottage, with sun porch and open back porch.
          This original cottage has two twin beds with a day bed available on sun porch for a third person.
Capacity: Three people but two preferred.
Total size: 797 sq ft. including 161 sq ft via the two porches.
Min/Max rate: $550/$592   Min/Max rate: $470/$512    Cleaning fee: $85

Pix of cottage #2 - Click for album #2 (Halland ) = Two bedroom cottage, with screen porch at entry.
          Has double bed in one bedroom and two twin beds in the other.
Capacity: Four people.
Total size: 628 sq ft. including 96 sq ft porch.
Min/Max rate: $625/$709   Min/Max rate: $530/$614    Cleaning fee: $90

Pix of cottage #3 - Click for album #3 (Smaland ) = Three bedroom cottage, with screen porch at rear.
          Has double bed in one bedroom, two twin beds in one, and bunk beds in the other.
Capacity: Six people.
Total size: 844 sq ft. including 94 sq ft porch.
Min/Max rate:$700/$868    Min/Max rate: $600/$768    Cleaning fee: $95

Pix of cottage #4 - Click for album #4 (Varmland) = Two bedroom cottage, with screen porch at rear.
          Has double bed in one bedroom and two twin beds in the other.
Capacity: Four people.
Total size: 708 sq ft. including 90 sq ft porch.
Min/Max rate: $625/$709   Min/Max rate: $530/$614    Cleaning fee: $90

Pix of cottage #5 - No photo album available #5 (Skane     ) = Three bedroom cottage, with screen porch at rear.
          Has double bed in one bedroom, two twin beds in one, and bunk beds in the other.
Capacity: Six people.
Total size: 1025 sq ft. including 135 sq ft porch.
Min/Max rate: $725/$893   Min/Max rate: $620/$788
(Currently rented for season by one family -and- Min rental = 2 wks!)   

Pix of Apartment - Click for album "Apt" (Gotland) = One bedroom efficiency unit, with two twin beds, combined living/kitchen area, and half-bath. The very private outside shower (near back door) has both hot & cold water. It is the lower half of the owner's cottage.
Capacity: Two people. A third person age 18 or less MAY use fold-down sofa.
Total size: 464 sq ft. Has NO porch but a single hammock and owner's picnic table are available for use.
Min/Max rate: $450/$492   Min/Max rate: $340/$382    Cleaning fee: $55
    (A small discount may apply when rented in combination with another unit).

See the Pricing page for 2024 rate details.  Rates above are for ON-Season   and   OFF-Season Base rate and unit capacity respectively.

(Larger images of these plus interiors are available via Unit Photo Albums page -or- click on thumbnails above to link to album for that unit)  
(Sketches of cottage layouts and some actual room dimensions are available on Unit Info page)
(Dimensions above are from property appraiser site and differ from actual in some cases)

Here's some building facts many other sites don't give!

The average bedroom size for units is 9'-4" x 11'-6", which is spacious for cottages built in that timeframe.  Living rooms vary in size from 13'-5'' x 15'-6" (#2)  to 15'-2'' x 17'-3" (#3) and are similar in other units.   Bathrooms average 5'-6" square but do NOT have the water heater in them, unlike some other properties.  Kitchens are unique to each unit, but average size is 50 sq ft. Click here for more details about building measurements.


Other important details:
  • All rentals are from Friday at 5 PM to Friday at 10 AM
  • To keep cottages and grounds in better shape: NO pets and NO SMOKING!
    That means: NO smoking by overnight tenants anywhere on property! So if you or members of your party smoke, don't rent here, ok?
  • These cottages are from the 1950's so there are NO telephones, TV, microwaves or A/C...And the pricing reflects this!
    However, owner's Wi-Fi is available so some features are modern!

There is more info about the cottages, including customer comments, so please continue there!

For details about how to make a reservation, deposits, balances, mailing address, etc., please see Rental Policies page.